Na Rive is a charitable initiative offering an education to Haitian children who find themselves outside the Dominican public education system for various reasons.

We operate through churches and charities run by the Haitian community, but we ourselves have no religious or political agenda.

Since January 2011 we have been active under our new name, and using this website to communicate our progress to those who support our aims.

The school which Na Rive is currently supporting is located in the western part of the city of Puerto Plata, and began operation in November 2010.

Our name, Na Rive (pronounced nah ree veh), comes from the Haitian saying: piti, piti, na rive (little by little, we'll get there). It was chosen to reflect both the modest scope of our initiative and our determination to improve the lives of the children in the schools we support.

Barrio Haiti students

Students enjoying a singalong with Na Rive President, James Banker, who brought his guitar along to a pizza party we laid on at the start of Spring Term, 2012.

Puerto Plata, on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, is a popular holiday destination for North American and European tourists who enjoy its year-round warm climate and sandy beaches. But the city itself contains much poverty. Worst off are its Haitian inhabitants, mostly economic migrants or refugees from the devastating earthquake of January 2010. Many face a daily struggle to pay for food and shelter.

Puerto Plata